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Are you afraid to open the mail? How did you even get to this point? Do you even know why you are in debt?  You have tried to get out on your own, but you are in deeper than ever! 

​Be Educated, Feel Empowered & Take Control Today! 

Imagine how amazing it would feel if all of your credit cards, student loans, or any other personal debts are paid off? The freedom that comes with being debt free is truly the most relieving feeling!  Do not tell yourself you can not do it....  YOU CAN and RIGHT NOW is the time to TAKE ACTION! 
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The Course: "The Psychological Impact of Your Debt" is designed to help you understand the psychological, emotional and financial impact of being in debt and how to get out of it so you can enjoy living a debt free life!

What will you learn throughout the course? 

Week 1

Why you need to get out of debt! 

  • Together we will go on a journey to answer your WHY of getting out of debt. 
  • Once you know your WHY it will be easier to move forward and implement your plan.

Week 2

How to get out of debt!

  • The mechanics of getting out of debt including scripts and worksheets to help you overcome your fears

Week 3

What your life will look like debt free!

  • You will develop a plan that will propel you towards being debt free.
  • ​You will now have all the tools you will need to stay out of debt and NEVER overspend again.

Meet Your Instructor and Author...

Okay! Enough is enough... You have tried to get out of debt and you are in deeper than ever! You can't go on vacation because you don't have the extra money. And now the pandemic has created your worst nightmare!  

I am Karen Roberts, I have been in your shoes... I was in debt with Credit Cards, and student Loans! I even avoided my mail box at times. 

I created this course because I know what it is like to be in that position! It was the worst feeling I've ever had. I don't want you sitting there beating yourself up because, It is NOT YOUR FAULT you are in debt! It is the credit card industry and student loans crisis that did this to you. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

I have helped many women throughout my 30+ years as a financial advisor. Women often come to me and say "my biggest fear is that I will have to live under a bridge and eat cat food in retirement." So many women do not think they can afford a financial planner or need a financial planner. But that is not true. Everyone needs some level of help with their money. My courses will help you, just as I have helped 100's of my clients get out of debt and live a first class life. I am a Chartered Financial Consultant as well as a Certified Divorce Specialist. I understand why women get into debt in the first place, I understand what they need to do to get out of it, and I know how to teach women what they need to know so they stay out of it! Most of all... I enjoy watching them move on to live the debt free life they always dreamed of.

Do not hesitate.... Take this journey with me, your new life is just around the corner and you wont regret it!   

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When you sign up today, you will get my book for FREE! 
"20 Questions: What You Don't Know Matters" is everything you need to ask to improve your life.

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But it will be if you keep ignoring the problem and do nothing about it!

The Time Is Now.... Sign Up Today! 

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